Faithsedge Return with Monster New Record

Faithsedge is returning with ‘Restoration’, their third and most melodic release to date. Fronted by mastermind singer / songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, the band returns with a stellar line-up featuring Stryper bass player Tim Gaines, Ace Frehley / Mr .Big drummer Matt Starr and former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso. Both Keys and production have been handled by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline/ Revolution Saints).

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(Rat Pak Record)

There are a select few bands that rank so high on my list, I know I have to have their music regardless of who the current members may be. The band Metal Church is one of those artists. When it was announced that singer Mike Howe had rejoined the band after the departure of Ronnie Munroe, I almost shed a tear of happiness. Mike was always my favorite of the vocalists that has been employed by the band. I still consider their record, “The Human Factor”, to be the standard by which I judge a lot of thrash music.

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The Music God’s Best of 2015: Hard Rock Top 20

So, we’ve counted them all down san this one, the Grand Daddy of them all! Five years ago, I started these lists with ONE list, a top 10 list that combined both the Hard Rock and Metal stuff. It was a debacle to say the least. I’ve streamlined the process since then and expanded it to include more lists as to give some breathing room.

At the end of the day though, this is the one that started them all. This has been a VERY busy year in the hard rock world and it took me a good week or more to put the initial list of “potentials” together. That list started with 40 or so names. I then parred that down to 20 names and 5 honorable mentions.

Let’s start with the Honorable Mentions:
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The Music God’s Best of 2015 Metal Top 20

I’ve been counting down the BEST of 2015 for you with the last five lists. We’ve brought you, so far, the lists for Southern Rock/Blues, Americana/Country/Folk, Rock, and Modern Rock. There was also a list for Miscellaneous Awards.

So, that means there are TWO lists left: The Metal and The Hard Rock. Let me take a moment to explain the difference in case you don’t know. When I think Metal, I think Judas Priest, Slayer, Motorhead. When I think Hard Rock, I think Def Leppard, Stryper, Motley Crue.

With that out of the way, I bring you my Metal Top 20 of 2015…

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The Music God’s Best of 2015 Modern Rock Top 20

Well, here we are at list #5. It’s time to count down the Top 20 Modern Rock CD’s of the year 2015. I know that most people don’t really use the term Modern Rock that much, but I do. I use it for those bands that are heavy…but not necessarily in the metal or hard rock vein.

There’s a whole host of bands that fall into the category, in my opinion. I think it’s a term that should be used much more instead of some of the other more silly and lazy terms thrown around like post-hardcore, stoner rock, math rock, etc. What the hell IS math rock, anyhow? Did The Count from Sesame Street suddenly form a rock band?

Anyhow, let’s get to it.

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The Music God’s Best of 2015 Rock Top 20

It’s time for List #4. we’ve gotten all the 6 Ways 2 Sunday style stuff counted down for you, now it’s time to get on with the Rock n roll side of things. I still have four more lists for you. We have this one, Modern Rock, Metal, and the grand daddy list of them all, Hard Rock.

Hard Rock is the very first list I started with, back 5 years ago. Back then, the radio show was named Auditory Slam. It’s gone through a couple changes since then and is know The Mental Metal Trivia Show. I’m sure you’ve all seen my talk about it incessantly. If not, both show are linked above.

As with the others, there will be five Honorable Mentions…and then the list from #20 to the top…

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The Music God’s Best of 2015 Southern Rock & Blues Top 20

So, we’ve given you the lists, so far, for both the Miscellaneous Awards and Country/Americana/Folk/Bluegrass. Both lists with lots of surprises and a few well known acts.

Now it’s time for List #3: Southern Rock & Blues. Like the other lists, we’ll start with some honorable mentions and then count down, from 20, to the top. Are we ready?

And Go!

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The Music God’s Best of 2015 Country/Americana/Folk/Bluegrass Top 20

So, you’ve seen the Miscellaneous awards. Now let’s get down with the Best of 2015 awards for the actual CD’s and records released this calendar year.

This is the first of the lists. For the sake of not having 20 different lists, we combined the categories of Country, Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass music as one category. The genres are very similar with lots of overlap most of the time, so I think it’s fair that they share a combined category.

As always, we start at 20 and count down. Now, on with the show…

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